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Simon Gunn - Manager

The Fab Fourever simply could not function without these two amazing people on our team.

Jenn, has become almost as popular as the group itselt... A self-professed "Beatle Superfan", Jenn has been featured in newspaper and tv articles all across the globe and has one of the coolest Beatle Tattoos you'll ever see. She is the go-to person for anything and everything. She's our road manager, costume maker, prop designer, bus organizer, merchandise table girl, guitar tech, stereo installer, security guard and just an all-out Yin to the group's Yang. She keeps all of us balanced and in order. One of the nicest Beatle people you'll ever meet (just don't get her mad at you - then look out!!!). Check out her write-up in the Globe and Mail UK by clicking ont he picture below.

Terry is the group's go-to person for everything and anything that Jenn can't do. He's a bus mechanic, electrician (he had to re-wire a Casino on one trip), guitar tech, bus builder, prop designer/maker, and is our eyes and ears backstage as our stage manager keeping everyone on time for our shows.

We are extremely lucky to have these two people on this team. Drop by the merchandise table to say hello to them during the show.

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