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The Instruments of the Fab Fourever

The Fab Fourever not only bring those perfect Beatle harmonies to the stage, but they have also paid attention to the intricate  details of each instrument used during the Beatles career to formulate the sound that

created the soundtrack to a generation.

From there, the Fab Fourever have put together a collection of rare

and valuable instruments that would

make any Beatle collector envious.

Richard's Instruments

Richard's Instrument list is coming soon.

Kevin's Instruments

Kevin has been collecting Beatles instruments for years and years and has finally found a great place to display all of them. He has two Rickenbacker 325's (A Natural C58 for the Cavern Set and a Jet Black C64 one), a Gibson J-160-E as well as reissues of John’s signature Epiphone Casino’s, one in Sunburst and the other stripped down to the Natural Wood. He also has two Hofner Beatle basses that he cherishes as well                    (especially his vintage ’67)

Charles' Instruments

Charles' assortment of guitars is a Beatle fan’s dream. 

The tiny Gretsch Duo Jet with the loud sound from The Cavern Club,  the Country Gentlemen as well as a 12 string Rickenbacker in Fireglo are a few of his 'early years' guitars. Not to mention a Gretsch Tenessean to round out the stable.

He has a Fender Stratocaster painted after the famous ‘Rocky’ guitar (hand-painted by one of our fans, Chris Volkhart). 

Another amazing guitar is a replica of his Rosewood Telecaster, one of only two built and our replica is as close as you can get.  Our most recent acquisition is George’s Gibson Les Paul “Lucy” that looks as good as she plays. Oh yeah - a very cool Gibson J-200 for his acoustic guitar work in the late sets.

Come by and check out these very cool guitars.

Paul's Instruments

Paul's private collection of vintage guitars, basses, amps and drums puts all of our guitars to shame. Apart from his private collection, here with the Fabs he has a pretty gear drum kit. He performs on-stage with a Vintage 1968 Ludwig drum kit similar to Ringo's with a 22" drum head. He also has a 1967 kit with a 20" head that is also simlar to Ringo's that he uses for local shows and in rehearsal. 

Paul is also our guitar tech and keeps all of our instruments in tip top shape for performances.

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