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"On Friday evening I arrived back at the theatre to find a lineup of about 200 waiting to get in. The sold-out house was treated to another great evening of entertainment by the Fab Fourever. I will admint to never having felt much like watching tribute musicians, but after last year's great Johnny Cash show my mind was opened considerably. Still, I was completely unprepared for such a wonderful show. The voices and musicianship were astonishingly good, as was the group's stage presence. When the Fab Fourever returned to the stage for an encore, demanded with great enthusiasm, they soon had the entire audience singing at full voice.

The lyrics of "Hey Jude" aren't complicated, and the sound that filled the room was thrilling."


Lorne Eckersly - Columnist, 

This Is Life May 24, 2016


"The Fab Fourever’s performance at Canada Place’s 2012 CanadaFest made for a very exciting event. The group couldn’t get ten steps without being swarmed by a crowd of excited Beatles enthusiasts and the band went the extra mile to ensure all guests got a picture with them and a true Beatles experience. Their costumes and song selections were fantastic and had our crowd singing along right from the beginning. They were a pleasure to work with, very professional, and we would certainly hire them again!"





"The Fab Fourever were fantastic when they performed in 100 Mile House in May" "They looked and sounded just like the Beatles." Absoutely entertaining and a must see band" 



"Thank you for a great evening, for a great show. The Fab Fourever's performance was superb!" 

Orkut Polat

Event Coordinator


"The show was fantastic as always. We received many compliments from the audience as they were leaving both nights. Lots of people loved the costumes. Until next time." 

Li Chau

Promotions and Events Coordinator

CENTURY CASINO, Edmonton Alberta

"It was love at first sound bite.  From the costumes, to the accents, to the phrasing of the melodies, these lads sound just like the real thing.  One of our customers remarked that when he closed his eyes, he could swear he was back in Liverpool.  Perhaps, but I can't imagine the original Fab Four being more accommodating or as easy to work with as the Fab Fourever.   Choosing your band to perform for our customer event really was a coup.   Our customers loved it.   Months later, we were still getting thank you messages telling us how much they appreciated having such a great band at our event.  Thank you for a wonderful, fun night.  Thank you for helping us provide a memorable event for our customers.  Thank you for being so FABulous! "

Gigie McGlynn,

Marketing Communications,


"The Fab Fourever was Fan-tabulous!   With the help of the Fab Fourever, we hosted a memorable and fantastic customer event.  Everyone was dancing and mingling from their first note to the last encore.  The details from their dress and their dialogue did not go unnoticed with all those who attended in how they sounded just like the original Beatles!  To this day, customers still fondly remember that evening and how much fun they had.  Many let down their "hair" for the first time at an industry event, and really had a great party time!  Thank you Fab Fourever!"

Christina Yau,

Senior Account Representative,  


"HIRE THIS BAND!  They were an absolute delight to listen to and watch perform, not a single person didn't have an amazing evening listening to great Beatles songs while singing all of those familiar lyrics and dancing along as well.  Many of my friends and I are either musicians or avid music fans and we absolutely LOVED listening to and watching them play.  We're not arrogant enough to stand in judgment of other musicians but these guys were spot on in their craft and excellent musicians and singers.  Everyone to a
person remarked on how good they were as a band and how well the performed The Beatles songs, they simply knocked it out of the park!  Every song was done excellent and the vocal harmonies on 'If I fell' and 'Paperback Writer' were awe inspiring.  Loved the night we spent with them listening to The Fab Fourever play The Beatles music which is happily becoming a cherished lifelong memory.  The band and management was prompt, professional and did everything I asked, showed up on time and even played a few extra songs for us as the night was near magical.  Thanks for the great music and memories from myself, family & friends.  
Sincerely, Mike Paller

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