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Richard Cummins as Paul

With a tremendous on-stage presence and a great vocal range, Richard will remind you why Paul was so adored by Beatles fans, and admired by his peers. A veteran on the Beatle Tribute stage, Richard has performed in several different bands over the years and is excited to join the Fab Fourever in 2023. 

Kevin Davey as John

Kevin personifies the essence of John Lennon's attitude, musicianship and unique vocal talents. His attention to detail has driven the Fab Fourever to fine tune their repertoire so that each and every song is performed as close to the original as possible, thereby making even the most critical Beatles afficionado a fan by nights end.

He has been a fixture in the local Vancouver music scene for many years since he made the move to BC from Ontario in 1990.

Interesting but true: Kevin played at the Cavern Club with two different bands (yes, the very same Cavern Club that the Beatles played in).

Charles Boname as George

Charles Boname is proud to be the newest member of The Fab Fourever.  Charles enjoyed success in two Vancouver original acts (The Catherine Wheel and Slowburn) recording and touring throughout North America in the '90's but has always remained a diehard Beatles fan.  True to the adage that the sincerest form of flattery is imitation, Charles has made the guitar work of George Harrison a life-long study (ever since first playing George in a Beatles tribute act in high school).

In 2001, Charles visited the "Mecca" of Fab Four fandom making the pilgrimage to Liverpool and London for a "magical mystery tour" of the famous foursome's old stomping grounds. 

Paul Kaszonyi as Ringo

What Beatles tribute would be complete without the rock-steady beat of the drums? The perfect compliment to the band, singing all the fun Ringo songs whilst shaking his mop top.

Our Pauly is a guitarist at heart, and started with us as our sound engineer, but is adept with any instrument and joined us several years ago to play the role of Ringo.

And what a Ringo he is! Audiences are left raving about the uncanny similarities between Ringo and our Pauly, from their height to the left handed playing of the drums (McCartney wasn't the only left handed Beatle you know).

Interesting but true: Pauly played the Cavern Club with Kevin all those years ago.

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